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Read: 10 best privacy apps for Android. You can now access your Secure Folder by using your iris scanner or fingerprint scanner. After setting up your Secure Folder, you should see the folder in your app menu. To add items to your Secure Folder, tap the Add apps or Add files icon in the folder, then select the desired items.

Fingerprint app lock: Here's how to lock apps and files behind your finger

Naturally, the phones let you hide apps and files behind a biometric safe too. Xiaomi is another manufacturer offering deeper fingerprint locking functionality in its Android skin. To enable fingerprint app lock, all you have to do is visit the Security app then tap the App lock icon. Need to hide specific files? You can then browse through your files in order to select the desired item. One of the more feature-packed apps of its kind, LOCKit is a one-stop hub for locking your apps, photos, and videos. And in a neat touch, it offers the ability to take snaps of people trying to access locked goodies.

Getting started is pretty easy, as you grant it the required permissions drawing over other apps , set a PIN, and create a security question. You can see a locked app in the recents menu. However this seems to only be the case for a few third-party apps. LOCKit is also littered with ads, ranging from ads in the main app to large ads on the authentication screen before unlocking an app.

Still, the core functionality seems to work fine for a third-party app. One of our top picks, AppLock is another fingerprint app lock utility with a ton of features. From the basic app lock capabilities to locking down connectivity like Bluetooth , it covers plenty of bases. The tool is also able to hide multimedia content, and supports random keyboard and invisible PIN lock. Furthermore, you can disable the ability to view locked apps via the recents menu, but this pretty much renders the recents menu unusable.

Probably the best looking utility on this list, AppLocker offers a slick, Material-inspired take on the fingerprint app lock formula. In this case, how can you lock certain some apps, photos, or other data on the phone? Also, using a Android unlocker tool, people can remove screen lock on Android phone without screen lock pattern, PIN, password or fingerprint.

In this article, we will use a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone to show you how you can lock Settings and certain or all apps on the phone. Firstly you will need to download and use a security app as Samsung phone does not come with such a private data and app locker. Secondly you need to determine which part of your phone or what kind of data you like to hide or lock from unauthorized access. If you do not want others to see your chat history in WhatsApp, you need to lock WhatsApp. In an earlier guide, we demonstrated how to lock apps and photos on Android mobile phones.

You can refer to this linked article to get this free security app for Android phone and install it on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Samsung Galaxy M30 (64GB, 4GB RAM) Specifications

Our AnTuTu score was , which is in the neighbourhood of what Qualcomm's Snapdragon or Snapdragon can achieve. Geekbench gave us 1, for single-core performance and 4, for multi-core performance. Graphics scores were disappointing, with GFXbench's T-rex scene running at only 22fps and the Manhattan 3. Battery life in everyday use was extraordinarily good. We started our day unplugging the phone at around 8am, and used it as usual, with a bit of photography and a few short gaming sessions, and still had about 60 percent left in the evening.

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We were able to stretch till the middle of the next day without having to charge. However, our HD video loop test ran for only 12 hours, 53 minutes which was relatively disappointing, and other phones in this price class do better with smaller batteries. The camera app is easy to use and well laid out. Most options and modes are within easy reach, and it's always nice to be able to begin recording video with a single tap. We found that the camera was quick to lock focus and there didn't seem to be much shutter lag.

There's a selector for the two cameras right above the shutter button, but it's easy to forget which camera is selected.

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  • The app remembers what you were using last, so it doesn't default back to the primary camera each time it's opened. You can enable a movable floating shutter button from the Settings, which could be useful. There are several stickers to choose from, including some that scale to faces automatically, and you can buy more through the Galaxy Apps store. The Pro mode is lacking in options — you can control only the metering, exposure compensation, ISO, and white balance. Samsung Mall integration lets you take photos of objects to search for similar ones across multiple online stores, and in our experience the results were pretty good but not very specific.

    One noteworthy quirk is that the Live Focus mode only works on faces. You can't use it to get a depth effect on shots of ordinary objects, like you can on virtually every other phone. There's a beautification mode but no AI enhancement, which is something that other brands, especially Honor, are using to differentiate themselves.

    Photo quality was fairly disappointing. We didn't see the kind of detail and sharpness that we're used to from phones in the sub-Rs. Shots taken in the daytime were looked good on the phone's own screen, but a closer inspection showed that textures weren't very realistic and finer details were lost. On the positive side, all shots were all in focus and colours were fairly vibrant. Quality was also noticeably poorer when using the secondary camera with the wide lens, and there was a significant fish-eye distortion. Tap to see full-sized Samsung Galaxy M20 photo samples.

    Low-light performance was way below par. Very few of our shots came out looking usable, even when taken directly under streetlamps or with plenty of artificial light. There was a lot of motion blurring and a massive loss of detail. Video was also just about okay. Recording goes up to p, and there's no stabilisation which is perhaps understandable at this price level.

    Use Find My Mobile to find a lost Samsung Galaxy device

    We saw quite a bit of focus shifting when recording moving objects. The depth effect in Live Focus mode made shots look quite artificial to us. It also didn't help that face beautification was on by default, and dialled up too high. Beautification was also enabled by default when we switched to the front camera. Speaking of which, selfies were also just about acceptable. Samsung Galaxy M20 in pictures. Verdict Unlike some of its current competitors, Samsung has immense brand power.

    A lot of people might have chosen other options recently based on specifications and features, so having closed that gap, Samsung stands to regain a lot of the customers it has lost. Buying a Samsung phone doesn't feel like a gamble in the way that it might with less established brands.

    The Korean giant is capitalising on this in its Galaxy M-series marketing by underscoring its huge service network, spanning 1, service centres across over 6, talukas all over India. At the same price, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Review offers similar specifications with the roughly equivalent Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and better battery life. The race between all these models is pretty tight.

    It seems that the Galaxy M20 doesn't quite catch up to all of its rivals' advantages, but at least it is very competitive for the first time. We hope this is the beginning of a new era for Samsung.